Monday, August 4, 2008

Things I'm thinking about today

The things I'm thinking about...

- A big two-year H&S in utilities has just broken its neckline and also a long trendline. SDP is the vehicle. Tried to get some today, but didn't quite come back to what I wanted to pay.

- H&S in gold. Already have DZZ on. The H&S objective here is right around 851 gold.

I'll leave it to the philosophers to explain how both a recessionary and an inflationary vehicle can both be going down at the same time.

- Tried and failed to put on some BBH short today. It made it up to 198.16. I wanted 199.05.

- Support didn't hold in EWJ. Forget that one. EWT still has a chance at 13.

- Left KMB alone even though it got to where I wanted. It looked like the recessionary thesis took hold today. Consumer discretionary/recession stuff ran hard. Except, anomalously, the utes. I can't decide if I like the medical devices, stuff like LMNX.

So, let's see what tomorrow brings for BBH and SDP.

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