Friday, August 1, 2008

Here's where we start...

Here's my baseline and what my sheets look like right now.

Nothing that came before matters. There's only tomorrow. Well, not in this case, since it's Friday night.

Current account value (08/01/2008): $171,339.05
Starting value (01/01/2008): $150,675.55

So that would be about a 13% return this year so far. I have a longstanding tendency to have a big first half then spend the second half of the year giving back a lot of my gains. At least now I'm aware of the tendency and actively guarding against it.

By lot, I have 53 winners and 21 losers so far this year. By symbol, I have 16 winners and 5 losers.

Biggest winners this year were FXP, twice and ABK puts. The biggest loser was CRZO.

My current positions (symbol, number of shares, current dollar value as of today's close)

- SMN (1000), 34720.00. Put this position on in mid-late June between 26 and 28.

- GSK (600), 27804.00. Bought it off the island it made. A lot of the drug charts started looking like they'd bottomed.

- DZZ (700) 19523.00. I started building this position when gold broke his trendline around 950-ish.

- RTH (100) 8725.00. Chart and several constituents look double-bottomy. I only have a little on because I wanted it closer to the 85 level.

- MO (800) 16720.00. All put on at 20.05 on a double-bottom with divergences. Scared the crap out of me yesterday.

- PFE (700) 13020.00. Gapped up above resistance, wedging back.

- WLP (300) 15471.00. Island bottom in this and several of the managed care stocks.

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