Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weak CRE stocks

Noting the weakness in a number of the REITs after their big (possibly artificial) runup over the last 6 weeks.

One that jumps out is the trendline violation on big volume in CLI. Other REITs - SPG, AKR, HOT, BXP - confirm the same pattern.

I put on a position in SRS starting from the 22.50 range last week. This thing trades like nuclear waste, so stops are in at 24.

On the long side, the coal group generally looks strong. Still like MEE best in this group, have some on, put some more on Friday to bring me up to 2K shares with a basis around 11.45.

Also on the long side, I want to put a bid in on gold around 850, playing for something in the mid-900s.

1 comment:

Nate said...

MEE, good call! So, are we gonna take 50% down now?