Friday, May 22, 2009

Debt issues back on the table

I came into the week net short, which, of course, was painful on Monday. I think we hit an inflection point with the crushing Cali referendums, then the Japan sovreign downgrade and Britain being place on negative watch. Of course, the killer was that the language in all those S&P analyses applied directly to the US's situation. It's hard to see a scenario that's bullish for treasuries in all this.

The ultimate outcome in California's situation might be a reverse-Okie phenomenon. Given the shabby treatment bondholders have received lately, it wouldn't shock me to see muni debtholders get crammed down. So, of course, Cali muni debt is up over 1% today.

I was up to 60% cash from the trailing stops that were all hit last week. I put some of that back to work in some golds. I picked up the second half of a position in BVN at 24.50. So now I have on 800 BVN with a basis of 24.73.

I picked up another microcap I'd traded in the past - AGT. It did a bull wedge back to support at 0.40. I put in a bid at 0.39 and got hit for 12K shares. That .50 level is really important, going back a couple of years.

Longer-term, I do like the way MEE is forming up here again - pennant with a base at 18. Many coals and coal-related stocks have a similar pattern - CNX, BTU, ANR - but MEE is the most prominent. But at the same time, natural gas can't get out of its own way and it's diverging wildly with oil. So, at best, we're getting some mixed signals in the energy space.

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