Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pretty good week

Lost a lot of things to trailing stops.

MEE, out at 22.10.

BHI, the last half of that's gone now at 38.25.

SU, the last half of that's gone at 31.40.

HL was setting up some negative divergences and got turned away at its 200DMA, so that tiny speculative position is now gone.

Where I sit right now is long some PMs (DGP, BVN, GBG), short real estate (SRS) and treasuries (TBT), short indices (SDS). 57% short, 43% long, but around 60% cash after everything I sold last week. I'm in the hole on the index short, but up 6.1% for the year right now.

Major indices are getting into slightly oversold territory. S&P should find some good support 850-ish. Nasdaq getting pretty oversold, but still overextended. The rule has been that the upside and downside have both gone on further than I've expected, every time. Still, some weakness on Monday would be a good place to start unwinding shorts.

I don't know if you'll see it, though. LOW earnings Monday are probably going to be interpreted as more green shoots to smoke.

In a quick chart review, the the defensives played well this week, but the only real long-side setup I see is MO's nice ascending triangle with a base around 17.45.

On the short side, one that I missed last week... utes getting killed here. I don't know if it's the same bond rollover issues that got them last year, or some political nonsense about cap & trade. SDP did a nice double-bottom at 40.

Lots of retail looking tasty on the short side. Of the trendline breaks, I guess I like JWN best on the short side. AN and CHS are also like this.

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