Monday, July 20, 2009

Taking something down here

Selling 1/3rd of the SSO right here. Put on with a basis of 24.75. Nice move, no need to be greedy.

Unbelievable the hate I got over this on some of the doomer boards. I got my buy points within 2 - 3% on a whole slug of individual stocks, caught absolutely nothing but crap over it. For the record, here's what we got. I wanted you in:

S&P at 890. Intraday low was 880, now at 951.

T at 23.75. It went to 23.19, now at 24.42
WMT at 48. Intraday low was 47.35, now at 48.82
RTH at 76. Intraday low was 74.24, now at 80.52.
AAWW at 21. Intraday low was 19.84, now at 23.47.

All I got for myself was the S&P. Cha-ching, doomer fuckheads. Things go up and down within the context of a bull or bear market. I happen to believe 5% is worth playing for.

Nothing anyone will ever be able to prove, but this whole market move over the last 4 months has felt like a massive pump job. I would hate to have been short it, which I suspect is exactly the point the PTB are trying to make.

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