Sunday, June 7, 2009

Charts I'm watching

Mostly on the long side...

Purely anecdotal on my part, $USD is a crowded short. I would look for a bounce, with concomitant commodity weakness. I don't know that I'd extend that to say "and treasury strength" since the two have been decoupling for a few days.

However, a stronger dollar would tend to mitigate against the export/heavy industries on this list:

Insurers: HIG, making a pennant, stochastic just crossed, MACD turned up from down low.

Aerospace: BA, like to see him fill that gap at 50, since he's overbought here. Not buyable right now, just a watcher.

Midstream pipelines: APL, inside day after a breakout. Overbought here but, in my ideal world, he'd make a pennant right here.

Tires: CTB on a breakout above 12.

Industrial metals: AA

Personal care products: ACV.

On the short side, taking a shot at a little gold short, playing for 4 - 5%.

Update: Got no longs at all, got some gold short via DGP.

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