Friday, February 20, 2009

A good day to sell some gold

or at least move up the stops. No excuse for letting a 50% move get away.

Doing some selling into this morning's spike. Got hit on half my remaining DGP position. Pulled up stops on the rest so a good move doesn't get away.

Got blown out of the tentative little long-side trade I made Wednesday - lost the other 250 DDM right away. Terrible call on my part. Well, you have to take a shot at something that looks like it could be a double bottom.

C, BAC trading today as though they're in FDIC hands on Monday. I can't decide if something's leaked, if their "stress test" (what total bullshit!) isn't going well (GS being up supports this thesis) or if it's just Geithner's disappearing act.

Tough call for policymakers. Keep feeding the zombies, it'll be a black hole for otherwise useful capital for a decade. Let them die, it's like 10 Lehmans, an ELE (extinction-level event).

I think you have no choice but to let it go, try to think in terms of shaping the society for the post-mortem of Western finance.

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