Friday, January 9, 2009

Did some selling

Stop on SLW got hit at 6.25. In at 2.73, out at 6.25.

Bought part of the position back, 5.68. 2000. Out again on Friday at 6.15. This position is all done.

Held the SU, feeling like a fool, but got 24.01 for him. In at 18, out at 24.01. This position is all done.

Sold all 2000 of the GBG, the weakest of the golds. Just pocket change here, in at .91, out at 1.14.
Still way overbought, but encouraging how the S&P held that 896 level.

Going back to the overbought/oversold game to see if it works. Adding some index shorts, using DXD as a proxy.

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